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Individualized Technical Studies Degree

Welcome to Northcentral Technical College’s Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree Program. We are pleased that you are interested in pursuing your degree under this exciting program.

Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree Plan Self-Assessment

Fill out this checklist to determine if an Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree Program is the best learning option for you.

Date of Birth
We will be sending information regarding the ITS degree to this email
1. I am currently employed and have three to five years of employment experience*
2. I can list my employment strengths*
3. I know the areas in which I need to improve or acquire new skills*
4. I know what kind of employment I would like to be doing five years from now*
5. I have identified the skills and knowledge needed to achieve my five year career goals*
6. I have thoroughly explored existing NTC programs and find none that meet my specific goals*
7. I believe a combination of associate degree courses from two or more major areas would help to meet my career goals*
8. I will be seeking academic credit for prior learning experience obtained through previous and current employment*
9. I have a good relationship with an employer who may serve as an occupational mentor required for my Individualized Technical Studies Associate Degree*
10. I understand this program may not be as recognizable by employers in comparison to the college's traditional programs*
Have you taken coursework at a previous college?*

Once you've submitted the form, Ashley Deaver, Director of Recruitment ( will reach out to you to discuss the program requirements.


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